Frequently Asked questions

How do I place an order?

An order can only be placed on our website.

For this:

  • select a model;
  • specify the size (if possible);
  • Add the product to the cart.

And then, when placing an order, you need to specify all the necessary data and pay for the purchase.

What are the types of delivery?

Almost all products in our online store are shipped by the transport company 'SDEK'.

When placing an order, you can specify that the order be brought to the pick-up point or delivered by courier. In this case, the payment takes place at the time of purchase of items.

How does the order pay?

You can only pay for selected products on our website when placing an order. We use the Yumopeu payment system.

After receipt of payment, a receipt for payment of the order and other useful information will be sent to the specified e-mail.

How do I exchange the product or make a refund?

In accordance with the legislative act 'On Consumer Protection', we undertake to exchange or return the goods at at the request of the buyer within fourteen days after receiving the order.

For a refund or exchange, you must write to our manager on WhatsApp about the problem.

How to make an exchange/refund:

  1. You send the product back to us, paying for delivery to SDEK to the pick-up point.In case of marriage, delivery is at our expense. And if the color or size does not fit, the delivery is paid by the buyer.
  2. We receive and verify it. And within 2 business days we will refund your money or send you another product.

Funds are returned to the card from which the payment was made. The refund period depends on your bank.

Important: you can return the product to us only if it is of proper quality. Therefore, worn/soiled items cannot be exchanged and returned!

Requirements for the returned product:

  • appearance and consumer qualities are preserved;
  • there are documents confirming the purchase;
  • factory labels are present;
  • the item was not in use.

What should I do if the item turns out to be defective?

If you find that there is a defect on the product, inform the manager in the WhatsApp messenger. After agreeing on the return of the goods, he will form an invoice. In this case, the payment for the delivery will be made at our expense. All you have to do is send us the defective product. After receiving the parcel, we will immediately refund the money.

What should I do if the package sent to me did not arrive?

Unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when a paid product is lost due to staff errors. If the package has not arrived to you, contact the manager in the WhatsApp messenger and tell us about the problem. According to the law 'On Consumer Protection', you will receive a full refund or the exact same product will be sent if it is available in stock.

Is it possible to receive a postcard autographed by Denis Kukoyaki?

There used to be such a possibility. But, unfortunately, Denis is currently physically unable to sign all the postcards due to the large number of customers. We have decided to refuse such a service.

How do you pack the goods?

For the delivery of goods, we use the following types of packaging:

  • branded packages;
  • cardboard boxes (cardholders).;

We always tell the SDEK courier service that the goods are delivered in fragile packaging, and in the vast majority of cases it does not get damaged during transportation.

But, unfortunately, we do not we can control all delivery processes after the transfer of the goods to the transport company, so there are rare cases when a box or envelope arrives crumpled to the buyer.

We apologize in advance for such situations.

How fast is the salt-out? I don't have time to buy the product.

As a rule, all products are sold out very quickly (even at the pre-order stage). In order not to miss out on good offers, it is better to prepare in advance for the sale and follow the news of our online store.

How can I get the latest news from the brand?

In order to always be aware of events (promotions, pre-orders), you can subscribe to the newsletter. You can do this at the bottom of the site on any page and leave your e-mail in the form. Emails will be sent to you once a month on the day of pre-order once. We only send important information. There will be no spam!

How often do new things appear on sale?

We try to release new items every month.