How can I exchange the goods or make a refund?

In accordance with the legislative act 'On Consumer Protection', we undertake to exchange or return the goods at the request of the buyer within fourteen days after receiving the order.To return or exchange the product, you need to write to the manager in the WhatsApp messenger about the problem.


  1. We are sending the goods back to us, paying for delivery to SDEK to the pick-up point. (in case the color or size did not fit, the delivery is at the buyer's expense. In case of a defect, our store pays for delivery)
  2. We receive and check it. We will refund your money or send you another product within 2 business days.(the funds are returned to the card from which the payment was made. The refund period depends on your bank)

Requirements for the returned product:

  • the appearance and consumer qualities are preserved;
  • there are documents confirming the purchase;
  • factory labels are present;
  • the item was not in use.